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RV Storage & Aging Tires

According to an article on FMCA.com, aging tires on your RV/Motorhome can be a big concern. Keeping your RV out in the elements, especially the sun, can prematurally age your tires. Aging tires can fail causing a dangerous situation. In order to help prevent this tire failure you should inspect your tires before travel. Driving the RV/Motorhome once in a while can help as tires age more quickly when they are not used… who knew!? Storing your RV can be helpful in slowing the aging of your tires although several factors can affect the rubber of the tires. If you have any stories to share about traveling in your RV and/or tire aging, we’d love to hear about it. Leave your comments below :)

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For more information on tire failure and/or tire care visit the FMCA website and read the complete article.